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    Saturday, 22 December 2007

    Found Today, Bacchus - Liefmans Replacements

    I found these two beers in Sainsbury's today. They are not Liefmans Kriek and Frambozen, but Van Honsebrouck Bacchus Kriek and Frambozen. It is however easy to get them mixed up, such is the nature of the packaging.

    This is obviously more evidence of the difficulties Liefmans have found themselves in. Reports from Belgium are that they have been declared bankrupt. Clearly Sainsbury's and Van Honsebrouck have moved quickly to produce replacements. It remains to be seen how good they are but I shall obviously give them a whirl.


    Stonch said...

    That packaging is so similar and clearly derivative. Presumably Van Honsebrouck are relying Liefmans being in no fit state to launch an action for "passing off". However, whoever buys the brand - or indeed the administrator in the interim - would be wise to call their lawyers in.

    maeib said...

    Yes there's no doubt it's a deliberate action to make these beers look identical to Liefmans. It was pure chance I spotted that they are what they are. I'm sure thousands will make the mistake of buying these thinking they are Liefmans. Hopefully though they will be as good. Probably won't drink mine or a week or two. I must report back when I do.

    Alan said...

    I hope they are crucified for this...unless, of course, they are tasty in which case a sensible resolution is in order.

    Boak said...

    Even if they are tasty, it's a bit bloomin cheeky!